Adderall (Nothing Changes)

by Soul Candy

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We wrote this in 2014.
Recorded in 2015.
Released now. Because we have to.
Nothing has fucking changed, no matter how much we desperately want to. A tribute, moreso, a parody of what is so fucked up with our society.

The band separated last year but we plan to release the full album.
I, (Rebecca), couldn't wait to release this track because it is entirely too relevant. So here it is, the "single." For free, because,



Mucous brain, cellophane, subway train, subway train,
Homeless guy, shoes untied, give me change, I see change,
Bleached out hair, crash on 9th, no one survives, they don’t survive.
Bloody eyes, cops eat fries, Pigs won’t change, they won’t change.

Adderrall, had a ball, project six, chico sticks
Corners stores, broke out whores, life is strange, it won’t change.
Found a gun, robbed someone, Naughty pictures, dirty fixtures,
Disco dance, leather pants, life is strange, they won’t change.

Blue ball life, freaky wife, uptown girl, city pearl
Diamond rings, secret flings, rich is lame, they won’t change.
Penthouse roof, wine and dine, eat some lies, tastes like lies.
Amex card, credit decline, stocks won’t change, they won’t change.

JFK, baggage claim, snort cocaine, my limo came,
Call my wife, hate my life, rich is lame, they won’t change,
5th avenue, daughter’s jewels, money spent, collecting rent,
Evicting spicks, suck my dick, greed won’t change, it won’t change.

Black's won't change,
Jew's won't change,
Chinese won’t change
They won’t change.

Japan won’t change,
Dutch won’t change,
French won’t change.
They won’t change.

Cons won’t change,
Libs won’t change,
We want change,
But it can't change.

I can't change,
you can't change,
We can't change,
they won't change.

They won't change,


released July 7, 2016
Lyrics-Vocals// Rebecca Florence / Bob Black
Rhythm Guitar - Bob Black
Lead Guitar - Darrill
Bass - Mike Shoyket
Drums - Nat Pongpanich

Mixed/Recorded at Speakersonic Studios w/ Brian Speaker

Brooklyn, NY




Soul Candy New York, New York

RIP 2015.

Release date of post-band album to follow.

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